Global Point Logistics

Full  Warehousing & Logistics Services in Peterborough

Global Point Logistics offers full-service warehousing and logistics in Peterborough Ontario. Our 165,000 square foot warehouse is located near Monaghan & Lansdowne Streets.

  • Do  you have more inventory than space?
  • Do you need better control of your inventory?
  • Need help with Shipping/Receiving?
  • Would you like to focus on your core business instead of logistics?
  • Are costs associated with parts kitting or packaging too high?
  • Are you a small business without a shipping dock or forklift to receives large items?
  • Do peaks in your business cycle stress your ability to warehouse and process inventory?

There’s a business located beside Lansdowne Place in Peterborough that provides all these world-class services! Let our expertise help you control costs and deliver on-time!

Services We Offer

  • Full warehouse services
  • Shipping/Receiving with docks and forklifts
  • Parts kitting, assembly and packaging services
  • 48′ trailer or shipping containers delivered to your site
  • Vendor management
  • Inspection services